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PhD researchers

For the last 2 years YouGIS have been in collaboration with some PhD researchers in Archaeology regarding the production of illustrations and figures for the final thesis.

Different types of graphics have been created: location maps, geology maps, terrain digital elevation model, site distribution maps, aerial photo maps using Google and Bing data source.

Sometimes, because of the different CRS (Coordinate Reference System) datasets required to be converted to the project CRS.

Also several charts have been produced based on the type of site, bedrock type, time frame etc.

All datasets used during the project are free of charge and available on line. Open source software has been used to produce the figure under the GNU GPL licence.



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Matt Seaver
Licensed Archaeologist
2011-12-02, 10:37

Hi Gianmarco,

thank you for producing the high quality illustrations for the forthcoming chapter in the NRA Semina...
Orlaith Egan
NRA Archaeologist
2011-12-08, 09:57
Hi Gianmarco,

Thanks very much to you for such a brillant course. I really enjoyed it even though I am a bit of a technophobe!!
Christine Baker
Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland
2011-12-08, 10:05
HI Gianmarco,

Thank you very much for providing such an excellent course (s). The feedback is very positive-everyone who took part enjoye...
Archer Heritage Planning
2012-04-13, 15:31
We commissioned You-GIS to provide a tailored introduction to GIS to staff members on our own premises. Participants were given a specific programme t...
Lorna O
2012-01-22, 11:13
Thanks so much for an extremely informative two days and your patience with the group. I would highly recommend this course.
Fionnuala Lyons
2012-10-02, 02:59
As a lone practitioner, I found it difficult to get set up in and become confident using GIS. Gianmarco bridged this gap for me. He is a very compet...
Niall Colfer
2014-09-12, 06:43
As someone with very little experience using GIS Gianmarco made it possible for me to produce maps to a publishable level with very little fuss. His s...
2012-05-31, 09:54
The School of Irish Archaeology has been working in collaboration with YouGIS for the past year. SIA's website, Autocad illustrations and 3D modelling...
Jessica Poulin
Student in Archaeology, Montreal (Canada)
2011-12-02, 12:19
The class is interesting and informative. It was amazing to have the opportunity to learn how to use this software and see how it can be applied to wo...
Eileen Reilly
2012-01-22, 11:12
Hi Gianmarco, thanks a million for all the help on the GIS course. It was really interesting and I hope to put what I've learnt to good use! I'm sure ...
Bettina Stefanini
2012-04-11, 09:08
Gianmarco is wonderfully skillful and patient in his teaching. The course was tailored to the needs of environmental archaeologists and we all got a l...
Ian Kinch
MA student Archaeology UCD, Dublin (Ireland)
2011-12-02, 12:19
Hi Gianmarco,
This is just a quick thank you for your patience and skill in presenting the introduction to GIS.
The course was a definite...
Sandrine Lefebvre
2012-03-02, 03:55
Gianmarco has done my website and I am so pleased with the results. I found Gianmarco very professional and very friendly and accomodating with my pre...
Paul Dickson, Dublin Language Academy
2012-05-22, 08:43
Hi Gianmarco, I will without hesitation, recommend you to anybody I know who may need to have a website done.
Mark Kelly
2011-12-02, 10:22
Hey Gianmarco!

Really like the work you did for me! Very professional and I will be referring you to all my clients.

Great w...
Pauline Stack
Student in Medieval& Celtic Studies and Archaeology
2011-12-02, 12:09
Hi Gianmarco,
Thank you for the excellent two day introductory course on Open Source GIS for Irish archaeology. Your presentation was clear, inf...
Susan Lyons
2012-01-22, 11:12
Hi Gianmarco. Many thanks for all organising a GIS course tailored for the environmental archaeology group. It was very well designed and was exactly ...
ellen o carroll
2012-01-22, 11:13
Hi Gianmarco, A well run, organised and useful course. I really thought the downloads/background mapping you made available to us will be really helpf...
Stephen Magee
former student in Archaeology UCD, Dublin (Ireland)
2011-12-02, 12:17
The course was very informative and well presented. It has opened my mind up to the possible future of archaeology and also to the future of other are...

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